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Greenlawn is proud to be Winnipeg’s leader in innovative irrigation installations and services. We take our core in-house offerings and carefully pair them with top industry partners, to offer complete solutions from start to finish for all of your landscaping needs. We manage your project, so you don’t have to. At Greenlawn we use the absolute best products the industry has to offer, so your project stands the test of time and Manitoba weather. Learn about the Greenlawn Advantage here…

Best pricing and excellent quality! Arrived early that day and completed our irrigation that day! Well planned out. Would highly recommend this company!

— Darcy in Beausejour

Yesterday, your technician came out for our mid season inspection on our sprinkler system. He was punctual, very thorough, sociable and did all around amazing job!
I was very impressed all around with the quality of service and the attention detail.
Great technician!
Thanks again for the great work!

— Ian in Headingley

Frequently Asked

How long does it take to water my yard?

Depending on the size & complexity of your landscape (and the resulting number of irrigation zones), it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a number of hours to water the entire property.

Why is the runtime different for plant beds and grass?

The watering needs of the vegetation in a particular area can impact watering times. The physical dimensions of a watering area can impact the types of heads we would choose to deliver the water curtain, and different types of heads have different precipitation rates, which results in longer and shorter watering times respectively.

What happens when it rains?

Your irrigation system can be equipped with different hardware to help interrupt scheduled watering during precipitation, including rain sensors and wifi-enabled timers.

Why should a professional start my system up when I can do it myself?

Our technicians receive training to help them identify the sometimes subtle signs of leaks and breaks in your irrigation system. We will setup your timer to create the optimal balance between water consumption and conservation to maximize the health of your landscape and minimize the expense of your water bill.

How long does it take to install a new irrigation system?

We will often start and complete our installation work in a single day. More complex systems will be staged in with landscape development and can take up to a week. We once built a residential irrigation system with over 300 heads, which took us roughly 3 weeks of labour to complete.

Will an irrigation system make my water bill sky rocket?

Depending on your local water (& associated sewer) rates, an average residential irrigation system can cost between $200 and $1500 in water consumption per summer to operate.

I only turned my water on for a few minutes, do I still need to have my system winterized?

Any introduction of water to your system should be followed up with a system winterization. Unfortunately a brief injection of water does not equal a partial flood of your system. Once there is water in the system it is best to fully remove it for winter months.

What is involved in a system startup & how long does it take?

Our technicians will introduce water to your system, test for leaks, then run your entire system through an operational test to look for mechanical flaws. After mechanically perfecting your system, we will professionally setup your timer for optimal watering to match current and predicted environmental conditions. A typical residential system startup will be between 45 to 180 minutes.