Corporate Rebrand

Welcome to the New Greenlawn

Who We Are

We are well organized, professional, accurate and highly committed to producing a quality experience for our customers, co-workers, suppliers and community.

We do not rest when it comes to innovation and analysis. We are constantly refining our processes, investing in technology, and centering our culture around our passionate dedication to engaging and understanding the people who we each are, and all those who surround us.

We have updated our brand and messaging to better reflect who we are, and what we offer.

The New Logo

Inspired by our passion for creative problem solving, our new logo illustrates that a piece taken out does not necessarily need to be put back in in the same manner for things to work well. Sometimes, a 90-degree shift in perspective provides a superior end result!

We have simplified our verbal presentation and allow both a viewer’s interpretation and personal experience with us to guide them to defining our brand.

Our colours balance both our austere, unwavering dedication to professional decision making, and the lighthearted nature with which we find our way through our average day.

The New Website

This week we launched our updated website, consistent with our new and improved brand messaging. Our goal is communicate the professionalism and organization level you can expect when choosing Greenlawn as your partner for your landscape evolution and maintenance.

The Future

Our commitment to our staff, clients, and community will drive us into the future. We are committed to building a strong team full of experience and capability to help us continue to provide the solutions that our clients require.