Our Values

At Greenlawn, we carry ourselves with pride and treat all of those in our community with respect and reverence. We work constantly on producing positive energy and results for the people we come into contact with. We take genuine pleasure in the opportunity to know and understand people.

  1. We are Committed to our Employees, through acknowledging individual values, providing professional development, upholding high safety standards, competitive wages, and a culture that supports and promotes healthy, meaningful lives. We are dedicated to helping our employees find balance and fulfillment in their lives.
  2. We are Committed to our Customers, through honest and courteous service, setting a high standard for workmanship, adhering to labour standards, fair and detailed price quotes, post-installation warranty support, respect for the homeowner, their property, and the neighbourhood.
  3. We are Committed to our Company, through constant improvement of our analysis tools and processes.
  4. We are Committed to our Community, through positively affecting the people and environment we interact with through respect, generosity, and social awareness, and through our work with select partners to ease the burdens placed on others.