We are a proud partner of Rivercity Hydroseeding:

Hydroseeding with mulch is the process of using mulch, which consists of a combination of wood fibers, fertilizer, water and seed, to provide a new turf installation over a prepared surfaced. There are many benefits to hydroseeding beyond the esthetic, including providing a temporary or permanent fix for sediment and erosion control. Late spring, summer, and through to late fall are the seasons of growth and abundance here in our Province, which can be especially true for those working on construction sites. Specifically, sites with stockpiles, large areas of exposure, heavy traffic, sidehill slopes or hard to reach areas can all present conditions for sedimentmigration. With loose soil particulates in those areas, it can be daunting to find proper and safe sediment control that retains soil in place from wind and rain exposure. But stabilizing those areas isn’t impossible when you employ hydroseeding with mulch.

This material combination is loaded into specialized hydroseeding equipment and sprayed on the desired area. Once soil has been tested for parameters such as salinity, hydrocarbons, PH levels and metals, it can be determined just what it will take to allow seeds to grow once introduced to that environment. Depending on the type of soil in your site, your mix and ratio of coverage can be determined, the products all mixed on site and ready to apply.

This can serve as a cost-effective alternative to sodding in certain applications, and provides an effective solution for covering large areas for civic, municipal, and provincial development projects.

Greenlawn is proud to partner with Winnipeg’s leading hydroseeding operators to offer hydroseeding services. If you are interested in learning more about how hydroseeding can fit for your applications, drop us a line.