Humans have been cultivating, watering and landscaping lawns since the 16th century, but irrigation technology has come a long way since then. At Greenlawn, we meet with our suppliers and distributors regularly to ensure we are using the most cutting-edge products the industry has to offer. From complete wireless irrigation control at the touch of your wireless device, to environmentally conscious sprinkler heads, you can rest easy that your Greenlawn irrigation solution is the best available. 


Your irrigation project is unique, and we get that. Our design team meets with you onsite to plan out each detail so that our solution is custom built to exceed your landscaping dreams. However, we all know projects change on the go, and that is why our well-seasoned installation teams arrive with the knowledge and experience to make those necessary adjustments to keep your plan perfect.  


We work with you to make sure your irrigation system works the way you want, when you need it. We schedule necessary service appointments (and keep them!) to have your system running like new every year. It’s this expert service and the top of the line products we install that give us the confidence to offer a range of long term warranties, for if and when maintenance is required.


Greenlawn is Manitoba’s leading residential irrigation solution provider.  Our systems work better, use less water, and last longer. We have the confidence that our automated, low maintenance systems will keep your landscape looking fresh and complete all season long. Our residential solutions, go beyond your primary residence. We have developed solutions using well and lake water serving Kenora & Lake of the Woods, the Whiteshell, the Interlake, and beyond! 


In Manitoba, nothing says ‘open for business’ like a lush green lawn.  We are proud to install and service systems for many of the leading businesses in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Beginning with professional consultation and planning, we start every project off on a solid foundation. Our team size allows us to tackle big jobs in a timely manner, avoiding interruption to your essential operations. Stop worrying about your green-spaces, and focus on the business matters that demand your attention.


When designing and engineering our irrigation systems, we take many factors into consideration. We start with a complete survey of the property and collaborate with landscapers to get an accurate lay of the land. Next, we use our in-house design software to professionally ensure that the system is built with complete Water Blanket coverage, while leveraging available water volume and pressure. Our system accounts for friction loss due to distance, pressure loss in plumbing design, and hydraulic engineering. The sum of all of those factors taken into consideration equals an even, full, green lawn, all season, on every installation.