Landscape Lighting

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Greenlawn’s solutions go beyond irrigation, we light it up when it comes to landscape lighting. Transcending on our passion to dream with our clients, we are always excited to add another dimension to your landscape. Not only does lighting make your property functional outside of daytime hours, but adds a layer of landscape beauty, safety and comfort to your outdoor living spaces. We specialize in both new builds and additions.

Extend Your Living Space


The inside of your home lives on a smart network, and now, so can the outside. Leveraging significant developments in landscape lighting tech, the ability to customize and stylize your nighttime landscape is limitless. Greenlawn offers options from in-ground, aboveground, hanging, patio and foliage lighting to highlight every feature of your property. The industry leading FX Luxor controller offers full customization including, timers for daily, weekly, monthly and special event scheduling, as well as on the fly changes to impress your guests at the touch of your wireless device. Each fixture is precisely programmed using the 30,000 colour, dimming, and shading options.

Design & Installation

Landscape lighting is more than adding light to an unlit area, it is the art of bringing life to an otherwise dormant space. Our professional designer will work with you to bring your dreams to reality. Professional installation means discrete lighting placement, strategic locations and precise colour. Our day team installs low voltage wiring and fixtures promoting a safer product, using less materials and disturbing less foundation. Our night team adjusts the lighting for the best real-time effect while training you to competently operate the system on your own. 


Greenlawn offers year round lighting services to keep your lighting system operating at peek performance. Services include cleaning, maintenance and adjustments to ensure that your lighting is always up to date.


The optimal combination of lighting can turn your outdoor space into a personal utopia. Path and garden fixtures light your way around your property, while flood and in-ground fixtures professionally positioned highlight architectural and green space features. Unique fixtures will complement areas like pools, fountains, steps, and stone walls.  


Whether you are open 24-7, or the shop is quiet at night, Greenlawn landscape lighting solutions will make your storefront shine from dusk until dawn. Lighting can also be a key safety addition to outdoor showrooms, garden areas, and other outdoor commercial spaces. 


We work with you to build out the extension to your living space. From systems as simple as a single scene, up to 200+ fixtures can be developed to bring your landscape to life after dark.